With a loving fan base and a wealth of media being shared MnM contacted us looking to enrich their users experience.

Working with MnM Gaming we were tasked with revamping their website to improve user experience and to better accommodate and promote rich media that they internally produce and publish.

Molotovs and Marshmallow Gaming, aside from having a fantastic name, have always strived to be more than just a fly-by-night esports team, to be sustainable and to be the standard for which UK esports teams are measured.

MnM Logo


Already having a strong name and standing in UK esports cultivated over the last 3 years MnM their existing digital platform wasn’t doing them justice, and that’s where we came in.

We first focussed on identifying their existing user journeys; boiling this down to accommodating both the teams loyal fans looking for content and information, and also prospective sponsors looking for accomplishments and history. By isolating these 2 journeys we were able to create an equally rewarding experience for both of these personas and since release we’ve seen a consistent increase in user visits, both locally and internationally, and a reduction on bounce-rate.

Getting graphic

Using the large media library being continually updated by the MnM organisation we were able to utilise large header imagery and add more structure to page content, streamlining the users experience and making the process more interactive.

MnM Website Preview

Around team pages we aimed to provide each team’s page with a unique and interactive experience that introduces not only the team, but also the game and it’s mechanics. The assumption that a visitor already has in-depth knowledge of what an ADC is in League of Legends, or how tank meta works in Overwatch, just isn’t accurate and we focussed on accommodating both your newbie and pro alike, giving them both a great experience.

Putting the pieces together

We put together wireframes for a number of the site pages and working with Kalvin Chung, who turned his hand to website design for this project, we collaboratively put together a unique design that checks all of MnM Gaming’s boxes. We then brought these designs to life on top of the WordPress platform, allowing them to manage everything they could need to.

And it's got mobile support making the site so easy to navigate love the simplicity sometimes less is more @KalKalCS

— Thomas Campbell_(@TPO_TwoRounds) January 18, 2018


We’re extremely proud of the MnM website so be sure to pay them a visit and cheer them on.